Medical Equipment for Udayana

  Udayana (Bali) (Indonesia)

Support Huanta Hospital

  Huanta Province, Ayacucho Department (Peru)

Provincial Hospital in Cunene

  Ondjiva (Angola)

Nuevo Amanecer Hospital Bilwi

  Bilwi (Nicaragua)

Hospital Escuela Oscar Danilo Rosales Argüello in León

  Leon (Nicaragua)

Proa schools

Gastroenterological Hospital in La Paz

  La Paz (Bolivia)

Chuquisaca Hospital

  Sucre, Chuquisaca Department (Bolivia)

Medical Equipment for ICU

  Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Montero General Hospital

  Montero (Bolivia)

Medical Equipment Vinh Long

  Vinh Long (Vietnan)

Provincial Hospital in Kuito

  Kuito (Angola)

Manta General Hospital

  Manta (Ecuador)

Medical Equipment Putri Hijau

  Putri Hijau, Sumatra (Indonesia)

Prefabricated schools for the highlands

  Peru (Peru)

Fish quality control laboratories in Kenya

  Nairobi, Mombasa y Kisumu (Kenya)

Machala General Hospital, Oro Province

  Machala (Ecuador)

Saint Lucia National Hospital

  Santa Lucía (Santa Lucía)

Meat processing industry facilities, refrigeration units and refrigerated vehicles

  Ngaounderé, Ébolawa, Yaounde y Kribi (Cameroon)

Menongue Hospital

  Menongue (Angola)

Fishery School in Limbe

  Limbe (Cameroon)

Parametric Hospital in Puyo

  Puyo (Ecuador)

San Francisco Hospital, Quito

  Quito (Ecuador)

Hospital Equipment for Inner Mongolia Hospital

  Inner Mongolia (China)

Hospital Equipment for Lijiang Hospital

  Lijiang (China)

Hospital Equipment for Tongjiang Hospital

  Tongjiang (China)

Municipal Hospital in Cacuaco

  Cacuaco (Angola)

Municipal Hospital in Viana

  Viana (Angola)

Municipal Hospital in Camabatela

  Camabatela (Angola)

Municipal Hospital in Dande

  Barra do Dande (Angola)

Municipal Hospital in Libolo

  Libolo (Angola)

Municipal Hospital in Bocoio

  Bocoio (Angola)

Equipment of Classrooms, Laboratories and Vocational Training Workshops

  Venezuela (Venezuela)

Equipment of Classrooms, Laboratories and Vocational Training Workshops

Healthcare Centres in Bamenda, Widikum and La Dibamba

  Bamenda, Widikum y la Dibamba (Cameroon)

School Furniture

  Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic)

National Centre Of Arts & Crafts in Daoukro

  Daoukro (Costa de Marfil)

Health Centres in Kamuli And Kisoro

  Kamuli, Kisoro (Uganda)

Pikine Regional Hospital


Professional Fishery Training Centre in Grand Lahou

  Grand Lahou (Costa de Marfil)

Danli & Tela Hospitals

  Danli, Tela (Honduras)

Hospital Network Renovation (II)

  Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast)

12 Modular Centres for Basic Healthcare

  Argentina (Argentina)

Medical Equipment for Sanitary Use

Medical Equipment & Sanitary Vehicles

  Paraguay (Paraguay)

Regional Hospital of Veraguas

  Santiago de Veraguas (Panamá)


Company profile

Makiber is a company specialised in the comprehensive development of international social projects.

In the three sectors where we operate — healthcare, education and agroindustry — our activity covers the design, build, refurbishment, renovation and improvement of establishments and the supply of equipment, including all the associated services such as installation, commissioning, maintenance and user training.

We also have extensive experience of managing and obtaining the best
financing available for each client’s individual needs.